Spitfire, a 1965 Land Rover has been in service on Elbow Cay since the late ’60s. The original truck was a Volkswagen bus capable of carrying a driver and pumps. Spitfire is capable of carrying a driver, one person and is used primarily as a utility vehicle. The portable pumps, additional lengths of hose, forcible entry tools, ladders and supplementary medical equipment are all kept on Spitfire.

Engine One is an Isuzu NKR which joined the department in the late 1990’s. Engine One carries 650 gallons of water, hose, 5 firefighters plus a driver, ladders, medical equipment, breathing apparatus and additional turnout gear. Engine One is our primary response vehicle and was custom designed to fit the narrow roads in the settlement.

Basra One is co-maintained and manned by personnel from both Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association and HTVFR. Basra One is equipped to respond to medical, fire and marine emergencies. Donated to the BASRA & HTVFR after Hurricane Floyd, BASRA One has been modified to enable responses in the shallow waters surrounding Elbow Cay.

And our latest addition….

Engine Three aka “Maggie”

Maggie has been stationed at the South End of Elbow Cay as the primary response vehicle for emergencies in White Sound and Dorros Cove.  Maggie comes to us due to the generosity of the Warsaw Fire Department of Warsaw, North Carolina. When she arrived her compartments and cab were filled to capacity with turnout gear and breathing apparatus, also donated by several volunteer fire departments in North Carolina. Maggie will be a welcome addition to our team and enable us to continue to better service our ever growing community.

Maggie’s House

Thanks to EVERYONE who has made “Maggie’s House” possible.

“Engine Company 3”

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