Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue
2012  Raffle Results
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I-Pad 2 – 16gb 1309 Shapiro’s
Go-Pro Action Cam 1762 Patty & Jack (S/V Breaking Wind)
Spanish 2 Real Silver Coin – 1785 1609 Stepper LeBoutier
Bahamas Coin Set – 1974 4739 Willard Bethel
Fujifilm Digital Camera 1615 George (Therapy)
5000 gallons Water – Professional Services 4528 Shawn Thompson
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Kindle with WiFi 1800 Kim Rody
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$100 Gift Certificate – Hope Town Wine & Spirits 1801 Carol Pahl
$100 Gift Certificate – Lighthouse Marina 4506 Mike Myers
Snorkel Trip for Two – Froggie’s 4839 Frank Kenyon
$100 Gift Certificate – Harbour’s Edge 1654 Sandra Hall
20′ Albury Boat for a Day – Island Marine 1085 Trudy Eagan
Dinner for Two – Sea Spray Resort 1082 Bob Gurten
Two Day Cart Rental – T&N Carts 2121 Sunshine Sands
10 gallons Gas – Sea Spray Resort 1286 Carol Burke
Cruising Guide to Abaco – White Sound Press 4932 Skylar Key
HTVFR T-Shirt 1416 Candace Pritchard
HTVFR T-Shirt 4527 Shawn Thompson
HTVFR T-Shirt 4531 Audrey Malone
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$15 I-Tunes Gift Card                                                                          4422                           Scaramouche
$25 I-Tunes Gift Card                                                                          4450                           Rudi Verspoor

Thank You for your support !

All the funds raised will go towards saving life and property in Abaco.

Home Page

Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue

How You Can Help

Hope Town Fire & Rescue is a volunteer organization that is funded entirely by the contributions of full-time residents, second home owners and visitors.

The hard working members of the Fire Department give their time freely but we do need equipment to help us save lives and good equipment costs money.

We appreciate your financial support which will allow us to serve you better.

Please help us by sending a money order or cheque for whatever you can afford to:-

Hope Town Fire & Rescue
Hope Town
The Bahamas

or you can make a secure donation on-line using your Pay Pal account or Credit Card

Isaiah 43:2  “When you walk through the fire you will not be burned, the flames will not set you ablaze.”

Emergency Communications

During natural disasters, specifically hurricanes, HTVFR replaces this website with our Emergency Management and Information Site. This site is activated once the Northern Bahamas (Abaco) has been placed under a Hurricane Watch.

The site has been activated three times, first for Hurricane Michelle, and most recently for Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne. Information is passed via sat phone or satellite linked internet to personnel off island who then post updates as they are received. The Emergency Management and Information Site was introduced initially to address a need for accurate reporting of the “current situation on Elbow Cay”, it further developed into a means by which homeowners not on Elbow Cay could obtain information regarding damages to properties.

The information posted on the site is reported or verified by HTVFR personnel. The local caretakers are contacted for individual reports on properties under their care and this information is then verified and compiled into one report which is then forwarded to the poster. Additional information regarding the status of the Marsh Harbour Airport, telephone and electric services and status of boats in the harbour and marinas on Elbow Cay is also posted as available.

The site remains active until such time as reliable off island communication is established.

During Hurricane Frances, reports were given via sat phone from members on the island to persons in the United States and then posted to the site. Due to the format in which it was received, the Damage Assessment was only available via email requests from homeowners. Over 140 individual requests for information were received and addressed.

Site Statistics for Hurricane Frances

Click for larger picture

Date Number of Hits Logged
September 3, 2004 (Eye passes over Abaco) 688
September 4, 2004 2180
September 5. 2004 (Damage report becomes available) 3141
September 7, 2004 2531
September 8, 1179 1179

During Hurricane Jeanne, reports were given via sat phone during the storm and satellite linked email just after the storm to a member in Canada and then posted to the site. Because the Damage Assessment was received in email format, the entire assessment was posted to the site.

Site Statistics for Hurricane Jeanne

Date Number of Hits Logged
September 25, 2004 (Eye passes over Abaco) 8374
September 26, 2004 21,363
September 27, 2004 (Damage report becomes available) 28,451
September 28, 2004 23,705
September 29, 2004 15,265
September 30, 2004 11,255
October 1, 2004 6554
October 2, 2004 4653
October 3, 2004 2860
October 4, 2004 2204

View the Actual Postings for Hurricane Jeanne

The Future

Hope Town Volunteer Fire and Rescue has updated our communications system to include a satellite telephone system with portable antenna and email link capabilities. We can now update posting to the Emergency Website from Elbow Cay.

Total number of hits to the E.M.I.W. for September/October 2004: 148,638.

On October 24th, when Hurricane Wilma brushed Abaco, the E.M.I.W. logged 9,818 hits.

Your donations help keep this service up and running when needed! Thank you!

To make a donation to Hope Town Volunteer Fire and Rescue via Pay Pal please click the link below and use email: [email protected]


Thank you.


Spitfire, a 1965 Land Rover has been in service on Elbow Cay since the late ’60s. The original truck was a Volkswagen bus capable of carrying a driver and pumps. Spitfire is capable of carrying a driver, one person and is used primarily as a utility vehicle. The portable pumps, additional lengths of hose, forcible entry tools, ladders and supplementary medical equipment are all kept on Spitfire.

Engine One is an Isuzu NKR which joined the department in the late 1990’s. Engine One carries 650 gallons of water, hose, 5 firefighters plus a driver, ladders, medical equipment, breathing apparatus and additional turnout gear. Engine One is our primary response vehicle and was custom designed to fit the narrow roads in the settlement.

Basra One is co-maintained and manned by personnel from both Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association and HTVFR. Basra One is equipped to respond to medical, fire and marine emergencies. Donated to the BASRA & HTVFR after Hurricane Floyd, BASRA One has been modified to enable responses in the shallow waters surrounding Elbow Cay.

And our latest addition….

Engine Three aka “Maggie”

Maggie has been stationed at the South End of Elbow Cay as the primary response vehicle for emergencies in White Sound and Dorros Cove.  Maggie comes to us due to the generosity of the Warsaw Fire Department of Warsaw, North Carolina. When she arrived her compartments and cab were filled to capacity with turnout gear and breathing apparatus, also donated by several volunteer fire departments in North Carolina. Maggie will be a welcome addition to our team and enable us to continue to better service our ever growing community.

Maggie’s House

Thanks to EVERYONE who has made “Maggie’s House” possible.

“Engine Company 3”

Station One

When Hurricane Floyd hit Elbow Cay head on in 1999, Hope Town Fire & Rescue’s Station One sustained significant structural damage. This coupled with a growing need for storage and equipment prompted the HTVFR to decide on a rebuilding project. After 7 years of planning and fundraising we have decided on a structure that both meets the needs of the department and fits within the architectural surroundings.

Station One is 10-7

September 20, 2006

Photos Below  by Johnny “Hammer” Cartwright

Putting Her Feet Down

October 3, 2006